Loretta Hui

UX designer with eight years of experience
designing delightful digital products & services


Personalized Profiles on Netflix.com

Tests whether having individual profiles for different members in a family will improve personalization, resulting in higher streaming hours from our members.
Key Highlights
  • Multiple sign up experiences are being tested - they seek to understand what motivate sign ups
  • Kids profiles are defaulted into the Just For Kids experience, and their viewing no longer affects the parents' profile
  • Profiles are not password protected by design based on customer feedback
  • Various profile log in experiences are being tested and they seek to understand what matches users' expectations
  • Multiple themes of profile icons were explored and the final set are reflective of popular movie genres
  • Designed and prototyped using Keynote. Prototype used for focus groups and for communicating designs to different members of the team (other designers, PM, and engineers)
  • Design lead (UX, visual, copy)


Video Player on Netflix.com

The old Netflix video player was dated in design and old in technology. After an extensive period of conceptualization, prototype, and iteration, the viewing experience has been dramatically improved.
Key Achievements
  • Improved controls layout significantly enhanced discoverability
  • Added a “Preview before Scrubbing” option by hovering over the progress bar
  • Scalable browse menu that supports shows with any amount of seasons or episodes
  • Introduced a pause screen with information about the episode
  • Added pause screen with information about the episode
  • Responsive to different browser widths
  • Designed and prototyped using Keynote. Prototype used to communicate designs to different members of the team (other designers, PM, prototyper, and engineers)
  • Responsible for the player's user experience
  • Launched to all our 30 million+ members in multiple markets (US, Canada, UK, IE, LatAM


Netflix New Member Experience

The goal of this project is to improve the landing experience for new members by enhancing personalization and getting them to find something to watch quickly. By collecting data what they have previously watched, it helps us better predict what they will likely watch.
Key Highlights
  • Tests a variety of designs and isolated variables to determine which layout is most effective in gathering user data. (E.g., Scrollable page vs. one-page gallery, how to communicate the reward of giving us data, is rating more easily understandable than clicking on box shots.)
  • Participated in rounds of qualitative research to gather feedback on layout and language
  • Designed and prototyped using Keynote. Prototype used for focus groups and as specifications for engineers.
  • Design lead (UX, visual, copy)
  • Test launched in multiple markets (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and LATAM)


Interactive Walk Through on Netflix.com

Designed to walk first time users through the use of a "Watch List"
- a place where videos they wish to watch later can be stored.
Key Highlights
  • A humanize tone helped set personality for the brand
  • Used animation and interactiveness to engage new members
  • Test launched in multiple markets (US, Canada, UK, Ireland, and LATAM)
  • Designed and prototyped using Keynote. Prototype used as specification for engineers.
  • Designed both visual and user experience


Content Filter on Netflix.com

In partnership with the algorithms team, I designed new filtering UIs to help users discover content. The new UI communicates data on similarities and lets users filer by select one, multiple, or all filters.

The Netflix home page contains several "More like..." rows where it displays titles similar to the most recently watched titles. Traditionally, the UI simply displays all the titles without explanation of why they are similar.

Some titles might even seem irrelevant at first glance as they share similar content tags which are hidden in the UI. This was corrected with the new UI design/deployment.


MasterCard Priceless Cities

A multi-channel initiative that helps cardholders rediscover their city through local content and priceless experiences. I served as the lead for all online and mobile (native iOS and Android apps) interaction design work.
Key Achievements
  • Collaborated closely with stakeholders to craft project vision
  • Key player in feature roadmap discussions
  • Designed online/mobile experiences in the form of wireframes and user flows
  • Managed a four-member team of interaction designers
  • Worked with the front-end team, client's technology group, and mobile vendor


MasterCard.com OS

The OS is a collection of tools, services, processes, and content used to create and publish MasterCard content across digital media channels. It seeks to help MasterCard focus on creating content instead of new websites.
Key Achievements

I designed a dynamic content delivery model where content will be automatically distributed to the relevant pages. We designed a set of frequently used modules each with unique tags that describe the content within.

Example: A Product Module that links to different product pages will have a tag "product". When a new product needs to be added, the product owner can add the tag "product" to his piece of content and it will appear in the relevant modules regardless of platform. This approach significantly improved the company's speed to market.



Chanel.com Fragrance & Beauty

To improve the browsing and shopping experience for Chanel's customers
Key Achievements
  • Designed a digital shopping experience customers would expect from a luxury brand by focusing around values such as immediacy, attention to detail, personalization and exclusivity
  • Workshops with e-Commerce vendor to implement functionalities such as wish list ordering, online order tracking, and product replenishments
  • Design is localized in many regions and languages
  • Sales increased 40% during the first week of launch
  • Oversaw planning workflows and features prioritization with project owners


XM Radio iOS app

Designed the first XM Radio iOS app for subscribers to stream radio shows on-the-go.
Key Achievements
  • Conceptualized and designed the app before the App Store launch
  • Collaborated closely with the mobile vendor to unpack the first SDK and defined new user behaviors
  • Created the first gestural documentation of the office and was subsequently presented to the entire UX group


Verizon.com account interface

The goal of the project is to create a single interface for small business customers to manage their Verizon (business phone and Internet) and Verizon Wireless (mobile phone) accounts.
Key Achievements
  • Collaborated with project owner to translate loose directions into solid requirements and feature set
  • Close examination of all the tasks to determine if navigation should be split into Wireless/Phone/Internet at the task or global level
  • Utilized charts and other visualization to help customers quickly understand their bill

Currently resides in San Francisco, CA

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