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Android Nexus Imprint

The description of this project will unfortunately be brief based on my confidentiality agreement.  

Nexus Imprint is a system that brings fingerprint sensor support to the latest Nexus devices and the Android 6.0 Marshmallow framework.

Design Lead (UX team had visual designer, motion designer, copywriter, and researcher) 

Android Marshmallow
Material Design Guidelines for Fingerprint

The early process of designing Nexus Imprint involved understanding the enrollment process from our fingerprint vendor, and creating our own enrollment flow that fits our sensor and is intuitive to our users.

One issue we keep running into is users are attracted to the fingerprint icon on the screen, and almost every user in our study wants to tap it instead of tapping the hardware sensor.  To mitigate, we've put in an easter egg error message when users tap on the screen during the enrollment flow.

I've also partnered with internal teams such as Play and Android Pay to design the ideal purchase authentication experience.  I designed the fingerprint authentication dialog, which an app can call whenever the user needs to identify themselves to either sign in or authorize a purchase.  Additionally, I worked closely with 3rd party developers to ensure they create the most intuitive authentication experience for the user when integrating with Nexus Imprint.  Here's the material guidelines I wrote.