Netflix user profiles

Netflix user profiles

Every project at Netflix begins with a hypothesis.  This test seeks to answer whether having individual profiles for different household members improves personalization, resulting in higher streaming hours from users.



I first partnered with the product manager and designer from the TV team to discuss our ideas for this project.  There are many ways profiles can be implemented within the product, such as each profile has its own separate spaces (common with roommates), co-owned spaces (common with spouses), or managed spaces (common with parents-kids relationship).  We then mocked up what these experiences would be like and used research to identify a final direction.


Concepts were mocked up after the ideation stage, and we brought them on the road and tested them with many users.  Once we've gotten feedback, we began to refined these concepts into implementable user flows and screens. 


As shown on the left, we were also keen to understand what type of layout drive higher creation of profiles during sign up.  Multiple layouts were tested to make sure we provide the most ideal sign up experience for Netflix users.

Lastly, I wrote the creative brief and managed an external agency to create the profile icons.